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The Majority of the world religions has their roots in some of the special places. They feel emotional or spiritual attachment to these places as they have certain affiliation with their religious beliefs. These sets of associations may have their links to their religious beliefs relevance of a Holy figure or some historic battle. People like to revisit these historic places to commemorate their stands. Such is the case with Shiat community across the world. Particularly in few states like Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco and Pakistan people prefer to go to such holy sites. Such visits are commonly known as Ziyarat and are mostly the places associated with Prophet PBUH, his family, descendants and Shia Imams and saints. Shia Muslims are a part of Muslim sect and are most famous for the pilgrimage sites. Holy sites of Shia Muslims are divided into two categories overall. First is the kind of holy places which are equally shared by all the Muslim sects and second are the sites which are valued in particular by the Shia Muslims. Shia sect is very clear about the practice of Ziyarat. In the words of Ayatollah Khomeini “It is haram (forbidden) to prostrate to anyone except Allah. If the act of prostration in front of the shrines of the Infallible Imams (‘a.s.) is a form of thanksgiving to God, there is no objection, otherwise it is haram.” The Shia does, however, perform Ziyarah, because of the fact that it is a source of seeking nearness to Allah and His prophet PBUH.

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